Proactive:  Clients seek our consultation to create the most productive work environments, ones where everyone feels valued and respected.  We provide initial assessment tools to find target areas for increasing professionalism.  We engage with company leadership to design a process for developing a brand of professionalism that matches the company's culture and values.  We train leaders to implement that process and utilize their existing resources to promote professionalism.  We emphasize a top down commitment and encourage on-going engagement through coaching of key leaders and trainers to ensure the initial commitment remains strong and professionalism can flourish within the company.

Responsive:  Clients reach out to us when there has been a lapse in professionalism.  Often, we can find ways to rebuild relationships without the loss of valuable employees.  When that is not possible, we assist in the separation process and the healing of the workplace. 




Proactive:  Clients seek our coaching for leaders and influencers in their organizations.  These are key players whose behaviors and interactions set the cultural tone for the company.  Top down modeling of professionalism is the only way to instill commitment and emphasize the importance of the commitment.  We seek to understand the strengths of individuals and utilize those to make cultural change where needed.  In addition, we empower leaders to effectively overcome natural tendencies toward bystander apathy.  

Responsive:  Clients utilize our coaching services for talented producers or key leaders who have lapses in professionalism.  We understand that immediate termination is often a difficult response to unprofessional behavior.  We help assess whether the situation is severe enough to require termination.  If it is not, we offer an alternative avenue to effectively intervene and rebuild relationships.  Through one-on-one coaching sessions, individuals learn behavioral change strategies and develop confidence in new approaches to interacting with others.




Proactive:  Clients excited to raise the level of professionalism in their workplaces engage us to introduce the concepts through one or two hour presentations.  We use stories and humor to hold interest and bring major points to life.  At the same time, our presentations incorporate anti-harassment and discrimination concepts that are key for a company's defenses against claims.  Other clients are ready to take it further and offer our multi, full or half day workshops to their employees.  Workshops allow employees to dig into their own behaviors and company culture to figure out what professionalism means for them and their work environment.  They take away lessons and tools to implement for themselves (even beyond the workplace).  They become empowered and enthusiastic promoters of professionalism.

Responsive:  Clients looking to respond to issues in their workplaces benefit from our training.  Training from outside sends the message to employees that the company takes the situation seriously enough to spend resources responding to and changing it.  Through our presentations and interactive workshops, organizations can effectively educate employees and initiate growth of professionalism.