We offer a variety of services to fit the most significant needs of our clients.  For our proactive clients who are committed to the long-term goal of creating a lasting professional business culture, we assist in strategy development, assessment of resource requirements, and design of sustainable plans.   Some clients are new to the idea of devoting resources to the deliberate development of a professional business culture.  Introductory training sessions and professionalism workshops are often their first steps.  Other clients come to us because they need help responding to lapses in professionalism.  We perform investigations, assist in retaining talent in difficult situations, and facilitate departures and change. 



Clients often seek our consultation in order to create more productive work environments, ones free of the disruptions and costs associated with harassment and discrimination. Employers also consult with us when there has been a lapse in professionalism.  

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We emphasize top down modeling of professionalism and coach leaders and influencers in organizations, the key players that set the cultural tone for the company. Clients also utilize our coaching services for talented producers or key leaders who have had lapses in professionalism.  


customized training

Through one or two hour presentations, we introduce the concepts of professionalism.  We expand on these concepts through multi, full or half day workshops. Customized training helps employers who are responding to lapses in professionalism in the workplace.