about pbc

Our mission is to raise the level of professionalism in every workplace. 

Why? Because through professionalism, businesses create the most productive work environments, reduce costly employee turnover, and maintain workplaces free from misconduct like harassment and discrimination. 

That's why our approach is different.

We Don't focus on prohibiting behaviors.

We focus on promoting professionalism.


Professional Business Cultures are most effectively achieved when company leaders and employees collaborate to define the company’s own brand of professionalism.  Our founder, Natalie Sanders, speaks regularly to groups to educate them about this process.  Our staff facilitates that process by training team leaders and assisting in the development of internal programs. We coach executives and managers to utilize their leadership skills to guide and mentor their peers and subordinates toward a higher level of professionalism in the workplace.

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Positive Focus

PBC seeks to improve business cultures and eliminate workplace issues like harassment and discrimination by offering a positive focus for leaders and employees.  People react poorly to rules and prohibitions, but they can get behind a positive goal they work together to develop and are empowered to achieve.

Signature Brand

Each organization has its own culture.  It's the encompassing work environment leaders create to blend diverse individuals together and maximize their talents. We encourage businesses to develop a brand of professionalism that fits their culture.  Once defined by an organization, their brand of professionalism should be modeled at all levels, but most importantly from the top down.

Specific Guidance

Every executive and manager has unique talents and leadership strengths.  We coach these individuals to use their strengths to guide those around them toward professionalism.