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about pbc

Our mission is to raise the level of professionalism in every workplace. 

Why? Because through professionalism, businesses create the most productive work environments, reduce costly employee turnover, and maintain workplaces free from misconduct like harassment and discrimination. 

That's why our approach is different.

We Don't focus on prohibiting behaviors.

We focus on promoting professionalism.


Professional Business Cultures are most effectively achieved when company leaders and employees collaborate to define the company’s own brand of professionalism.  Our founder, Natalie Sanders, speaks regularly to groups to educate them about this process.  Our staff facilitates that process by training team leaders and assisting in the development of internal programs. We coach executives and managers to utilize their leadership skills to guide and mentor their peers and subordinates toward a higher level of professionalism in the workplace.

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Positive Focus

PBC seeks to improve business cultures and eliminate workplace issues like harassment and discrimination by offering a positive focus for leaders and employees.  People react poorly to rules and prohibitions, but they can get behind a positive goal they work together to develop and are empowered to achieve.

Signature Brand

Each organization has its own culture.  It's the encompassing work environment leaders create to blend diverse individuals together and maximize their talents. We encourage businesses to develop a brand of professionalism that fits their culture.  Once defined by an organization, their brand of professionalism should be modeled at all levels, but most importantly from the top down.

Specific Guidance

Every executive and manager has unique talents and leadership strengths.  We coach these individuals to use their strengths to guide those around them toward professionalism.



about natalie sanders, founder & lead consultant

I have spent my entire career helping businesses resolve workplace issues. When I began practicing law in 1995, one of my first cases involved a claim of sexual harassment.  Since that first case, I have defended companies in a variety of employment discrimination and harassment matters.  I also have worked in diligent partnership with employers (both for-profit and non-profit) to prevent harassment and discrimination.  I have worked with employers of all sizes in a broad array of industries, developing policies and best practices, providing prevention training, coaching supervisors and managers through complaints, and helping human resource professionals navigate the myriad of employment laws and regulations.  I have worked on such issues as a partner in a highly respected law firm and as in-house counsel/operations manager of a leading regional provider of technology and data management services to county governments.

I founded Professional Business Cultures in 2018 because I want to make a difference in America's workplaces.  My experiences have shown me that what we have traditionally provided as anti-harassment and anti-discrimination training has been ineffective.  The rash of #MeToo headlines confirms it.  Research studies confirm it.  We need something more.  The 2016 Report from Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's Select Task Force on the Study of Harassment in the Workplace recommended the addition of  "civility and bystander intervention training."  I advocate that we incorporate all of this under the umbrella of professionalism.  By doing so, we can move towards work environments where everyone feels valued and respected, where professionalism is achieved.  While my passion is to end harassment and discrimination by focusing on increasing professionalism in our workplaces, there are other reasons for doing it as well.  Study after study shows that employees who feel they are part of a meaningful workplace culture are more productive and loyal.  Organizations that prioritize culture and model daily commitment to it face less employee turnover and attract the best talent.

If you would like more information about my education (hint--I'm a Duke basketball fan), employment history, and community service passions, check me out on LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/natalie-pbcultures/





We offer a variety of services to fit the most significant needs of our clients.  For our proactive clients who are committed to the long-term goal of creating a lasting professional business culture, we assist in strategy development, assessment of resource requirements, and design of sustainable plans.   Some clients are new to the idea of devoting resources to the deliberate development of a professional business culture.  Introductory training sessions and professionalism workshops are often their first steps.  Other clients come to us because they need help responding to lapses in professionalism.  We perform investigations, assist in retaining talent in difficult situations, and facilitate departures and change. 



Clients often seek our consultation in order to create more productive work environments, ones free of the disruptions and costs associated with harassment and discrimination. Employers also consult with us when there has been a lapse in professionalism.  

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We emphasize top down modeling of professionalism and coach leaders and influencers in organizations, the key players that set the cultural tone for the company. Clients also utilize our coaching services for talented producers or key leaders who have had lapses in professionalism.  


customized training

Through one or two hour presentations, we introduce the concepts of professionalism.  We expand on these concepts through multi, full or half day workshops. Customized training helps employers who are responding to lapses in professionalism in the workplace. 




Thank you for your interest in Professional Business Cultures.  For more information about our services, please provide answers to the following questions or use the direct contact information below.